What is Boing?

BOING ® makes fabulous, top quality attractive rope wristbands, ankle bands and neckbands using genuine sailing and climbing ropes. Our rope wrist bands are simple but beautifully designed and will appeal to men and women who love the great outdoors. BOING bands make great gifts as they come in a vast array of colours and in 3 thicknesses and 9 different sizes! They can be single, double or triple wraps and are available with matt or polished clasps. We make BOING wristbands solely in the UK using British manufactured stainless steel clasps with our BOING logo applied using the highest quality laser engraving machinery and in most cases, UK manufactured rope. Created for lovers of extreme sports or for just being outdoors, guaranteed to withstand all that Mother Nature can hurl at them, BOING bands are The Real Deal.

Billy's blog

South African Summer

Once again, summer came around and it was a no-brainer. For bouldering, the summer time is somewhat more limited in venue choice; you’re looking at Australia (fire issues this year and just a flippin’ long way), Magic Wood (still pretty hot and gets all that European rain stuff), Squamish (still really a bit too hot) or Africa. We’d been to Rocklands twice before and loved it so we decided to go back. Read more...