What is Boing?

Calling all Retailers......... BOING ® is looking for more JEWELLERY SHOPS, GALLERIES, GIFT SHOPS AND QUIRKY retail outlets throughout the UK. Spring & Summer see high demand for our wristbands and bracelets. Our minimum order quantity is only 20 bracelets of any colour or size in total, we work with you to match your customer base to an appropriate colour / size range and we offer a free swap out service if needed. Just call us on 01628 78 99 99 or email billy@boing-inc.com. We are trading successfully in over 60 UK stockists now and offer something truly unique with our wide range of climbing and sailing ropes. We make everything in the UK and offer probably the widest range of sizes and colours by any UK bracelet company. Get in touch and all new stockists get 2 free bracelets with their first order. Billy X