What is Boing?

BOING sells finest quality sailing and climbing rope bracelets. We are in the process of re-designing our website, expected to be complete by September, that will showcase a broader range of bracelets introducing precious metals and leather in addition to rope. These products can be seen at the Home and Gift trade fair in Harrogate in July stand DP4-32, or at the NEC Autumn Fair at the start of September on stand 4G33. If you are a trade customer and interested in looking at any of these products in advance please contact Kerry on 01628 78 99 99.

Billy's blog

South African Summer

Once again, summer came around and it was a no-brainer. For bouldering, the summer time is somewhat more limited in venue choice; you’re looking at Australia (fire issues this year and just a flippin’ long way), Magic Wood (still pretty hot and gets all that European rain stuff), Squamish (still really a bit too hot) or Africa. We’d been to Rocklands twice before and loved it so we decided to go back. Read more...